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Our erosion solutions keep your workers and equipment safe.

Professional Iowa Erosion Control Services

Erosion control services help keep landscapes safe and stable. Our expert services prevent and control erosion, ensuring a stable environment for your property or project.

Erosion control mitigates the environmental impacts of construction activities. Uncontrolled erosion may damage soil, water sources, and ecosystems, leading to long-term environmental degradation and costly financial troubles.

During construction activities, pollutants are carried by runoff and deposited into nearby bodies of water. This damages infrastructure such as bridges, roads, and buildings. Additionally, these pollutants negatively impact water quality. Erosion control filters out pollutants, protects infrastructure, and preserves water quality. These measures ensure sustainable development and the protection of valuable natural resources.

Additionally, erosion control maintains safety on construction sites. Many local, state, and federal regulations require erosion control implementation during construction activities. Failure to comply with these regulations results in legal penalties and project delays. Uncontrolled erosion creates hazards for workers, such as unstable slopes and falling debris. Erosion control protects workers and equipment from potential safety risks

We will assist you with:

- Silt Fencing
- Erosion Blankets
- Turf Reinforcement Mats
- Inlet Protection
- Perimeter Slope Protection
Fence Erosion

What is perimeter slope protection?

Perimeter slope protection is an erosion control measure that prevents soil erosion on the edges of construction sites and other areas. Construction sites are at high risk for soil erosion due to their exposure to wind, rain, and other natural forces. Perimeter slope protection involves a variety of erosion control measures, such as silt fences, erosion blankets, or turf reinforcement mats.

The most effective perimeter slope protection depends on the needs of a site. Factors such as climate, degree of erosion risk, and soil type should be accounted for. Perimeter slope protection like erosion control matting ensures personal and environmental safety.

What are erosion blankets?

Erosion control blankets are an erosion control measure made from natural or synthetic fibers that stabilize soil and prevent erosion. They are typically made from straw, coconut fibers, or synthetic materials. Erosion blankets provide temporary protection to soil and promote vegetation growth.

The blankets hold the soil in place and allow water to penetrate the soil surface. Plant roots anchor into the soil, providing long-term erosion control. They are useful in areas where vegetation has been disturbed, such as construction sites or areas affected by wildfires. Erosion blankets maintain soil fertility and reduce the need for costly soil remediation efforts.

Some erosion blankets are designed for short-term use, while others are designed to provide long-term erosion control. They’re a cost-effective and efficient way to prevent soil erosion and promote vegetation growth. They are widely used in construction and other industries to protect the environment, comply with regulations, and reduce erosion-related risks and costs.

What are turf reinforcement mats?

Turf reinforcement mats (TRMs) are similar to erosion control blankets, but are usually used as a long-term solution. They are customizable to promote the growth of specific vegetation or to meet specific site requirements. TRMs are utilized in both high-flow and low-flow areas. These mats provide a stable, porous surface for vegetation to grow.

What is inlet protection?

Inlet protection prevents sediment and pollutants from entering stormwater inlets. They are installed directly at the inlet, or upstream from the inlet, and capture sediment to filter stormwater before entering the inlet.

Sediment traps, filter bags, and silt fences are common examples of inlet protection. The best option depends on the size and scope of your project. As an Iowa Certified SWPPP Designer, we’ll gladly help you make the best inlet protection choice for your project.
JLS Slit Fence Erosion Control

What is silt fencing?

Silt fencing is an erosion prevention measure made from penetrable plastic and fabric materials designed to filter sediment from water. It’s most useful in areas at high risk for erosion, along areas like slopes, ditches, and channels. A silt fence installer can easily help prevent erosion at your site.

Silt fencing slows down water as it flows through, allowing sediment to settle out before entering nearby waterways. It is used most often in construction projects, but is helpful in other areas like agricultural fields, mining operations, and highway construction. It’s a cost-effective, efficient way to prevent sediment from entering nearby waterways, protect water quality, and comply with local, state, and federal regulations.