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Iowa Seeding and Planting

We handle seeding and planting projects of all types. We provide hydroseeding and broadcast, drill, and CRP seeding services.

Hydro, Broadcast, Drill, and CRP Seeding Plans

Are you a property owner or developer needing effective seeding solutions? JLS Contracting offers a variety of services. We work closely with you to develop a plan tailored to your needs. Seeding is an essential part of property development and maintenance. Whether you’re a homeowner hoping to create a lush backyard or a contractor looking to prevent soil erosion, our seeding services can help to achieve your goals.

We specialize in:

Broadcast seeding

CRP seeding


What is hydroseeding?

Hydroseeding is a vegetation planting technique in land reclamation and erosion control projects. This seeding process combines fertilizer, mulch, seed, and water, and involves spraying the mixture onto a designated area. The specialized equipment performing this task is called a hydroseeder.

Hydroseeding has many benefits. The mulch and fertilizer provide a nutrient-rich environment for seeds to grow, and the water helps initiate germination. Additionally, the mulch protects seed from wind and water erosion, and retains moisture. Hydroseeding equipment performs effectively on uneven terrain and steep slopes where traditional planting methods are impractical.

What is broadcast seeding?

Broadcast seeding evenly distributes seeds over a large area using a mechanical seeder. It’s a cost-effective way to quickly cover large areas. It’s commonly used to establish open areas, like fields or meadows.

Seeding projects are complicated. Working with a professional seeding service helps ensure your project is successful and sustainable. Our team knows how to properly prepare soil for seeding, and how to apply seeds at an appropriate rate. We provide a variety of seeds, including Iowa CRP seed mixes. Call us at (515) 231 – 6371 to learn how we can serve you.